Chocolate Cake


This is my favourite recipe in the entire world. It also happens to be very first cake I ever baked in my life. Just thinking about this cake brings back so many childhood memories.

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Beef Stroganoff


When I think of Beef Stroganoff, the first thing that comes to my mind is our old neighbour back in Edmonton, London. She came to England from Russia as a young girl and carried along many favourite recipes from her homeland. I don’t remember her name, but what I remember is her Beef Stroganoff.

I was a skinny child with a large appetite and my mother often complained she never knew where the food disappeared (probably into the year 2010). So whenever our Russian neighbour made Beef Stroganoff, she would bring a big bowl over for us. “It’ll put some meat on her bones”, she would say. Continue reading Beef Stroganoff